At Urban BASE, we believe selling property requires traditional methods combined with the latest technology and communication channels. You can rest assured that we will do everything we can to present your home in the best manner, ensuring you connect with keen homebuyers.

There is no denying that how houses are promoted and marketed has evolved recently. The impact of the pandemic and lockdown has forced estate agents to be creative. Video technology has been a part of the housing market for some time, but since the spring of 2020, its presence has been essential in showcasing homes.

At Urban BASE, we are delighted to offer 360 tours for the homes we list and sell. Our website has a dedicated page showcasing homes with this technology and drone footage of the property and surrounding areas.

Here are some of the key benefits associated with 360 tours that we believe connect your house with homebuyers:

Video tours save time

Any buyer interested in the property can take the tour and get a good feel for what is on offer. If, after this tour, a prospective buyer no longer holds an interest in the house, they don’t pursue the matter.

However, the buyers who like what they see will contact us to arrange a physical viewing, and they will be far more interested in the property than someone who hasn’t seen the home.

This reduces administration time in dealing with prospective viewings, which means fewer viewings occur. This isn’t a bad thing, though, because it removes time wasters and people who wouldn’t follow through on their initial interest.

When you have a 360 tour of your property online, you save time and use your time far more effectively.

360 tours generate more interest

One of the best reasons to have this sort of promotional content for your home is that it generates more traffic and interest in looking at your property.

People are curious, and while photos are an essential part of the search process, interactive video content where people can make their way through your home will always be a huge attraction.

Yes, higher viewing figures don’t always equate to more interested buyers, but it doesn’t help. If people drawn to this new technology decide to offer a price for your home or recommend the property to someone they know looking for a house, this content will be invaluable.

Other benefits of 360 tours include:

  • You are far more likely to be shared on social media, enhancing the reach of the property
  • You will not be inconvenienced by the process, offering you a better return for no additional work
  • Your home will stand out for positive reasons

At Urban BASE, we firmly believe 360 tours are an essential component of the property sales process. If you would like to see examples of these tours, please check out our website. If you would like to discuss the process, and learn how it helps you sell your home, please get in touch to arrange an appointment.

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